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The mission of ASQ Portland Section 0607 is to serve the quality needs of our members, whether you live and work in Oregon, in neighboring Washington, or around the world. We encourage and welcome your suggestions regarding ways we can serve you better, to help to enrich your life and your career. You may email us at chair@asqpdx.com.

Monthly meetings, plant tours, conferences and workshops can give you recertification (RU) credits.

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Dr. H. James Harrington

In the book, Tech Trending, Dr. Harrington was referred to as “the quintessential tech trender.” The New York Times referred to him as having a “…knack for synthesis and an open mind about packaging his knowledge and experience in new ways -characteristics that may matter more as prerequisites for new-economy success than technical wizardry…”

Dr. Harrington is a government-registered Quality Engineer, a Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer by ASQ, and a Certified Professional Manager. Dr. Harrington has an MBA and Ph.D. in Engineering Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Harrington’s contributions to performance improvement around the world have brought him many honors. He was appointed the honorary advisor to the China Quality Control Association, and was elected to the Singapore Productivity Hall of Fame in 1990. He has been named lifetime honorary President of the Asia-Pacific Quality Control Organization and honorary Director of the Association Chilean de Control de Calidad. In 2000 the Sri Lanka national quality award was named after him.

Dr. Harrington has received many awards including the prestigious Edwards Medal and China’s Magnolia Award. The Harrington/Ishikawa Medal presented yearly by the Asian-Pacific Quality Organization was named after Dr. Harrington to recognize his many contributions to the region.

Dr. H. James Harrington now serves as the Chairman of the Board for Harrington Management Systems. He also serves as President of the Walter L. Hurd Foundation. Dr. Harrington is past Chairman and past President of the International Academy for Quality and of the American Society for Quality. Dr. Harrington has written more than 50 books on innovation, organizational management, and performance improvement. Dr. Harrington is recognized as one of the world leaders in applying performance improvement methodologies to business processes.

Innovate Before its Too Late

In today’s fast-moving, high-technology environment, the focus on quality has given way to a focus on innovation. From presidents of the United States to presidents of Fortune 500 companies, it is clear that everyone thinks innovation is extremely important. The challenge is that few people stop to define why innovation is important―to understand what’s driving the need for more innovation. We all agree that more frequent innovation is important, even necessary. What remains unanswered is why we allow innovation consultants, elected officials, and business leaders to tell us innovation is important, but not demonstrate the underlying reasons why.

There is actually a growing body of evidence that indicates that looking outside of your company (rather than purely looking internally) and to customers’ needs will lead to more innovative ideas. Responding to customers’ needs is the key to a successful business. Learn how to use these tools to talk to customers―satisfied ones, unsatisfied ones, potential customers, people who would never buy your product or service, and also people you have never considered as a potential customer. Understand the steps in the customer journey they need to take, what delights and frustrates them, and what their pain points are.


The ASQ Portland Section has elected the following officers, who will be continuing or transitioning into these leadership positions for 2017:

Section Chair – Beth Rice              Secretary – Jean Fryer
Chair-elect – Terri Tufts                  Treasurer – Marie Tree

We congratulate these four section leaders on their election!



Passport Game Rules – 2016

General Travel Advisories                                           Beth Rice, Q Travel Agent

 Lions and Tigers and Bears!  Oh, my!!!

Welcome aboard, Travelers! We trust you’ve had all your shots and are ready for your 2016 Quality Journey! Your Crew members here at PDX ASQ are ready to help if you’re having trouble finding your cabin, or get a little confused by the whirlwind nature of our tour this year.

NOTE: Travel advisories change all the time.
Make sure you’re up to date on the latest!

So! Let’s start by covering some basic questions.

How do I play this game, anyway?

Step 1: Get a Passport at your first meeting of 2016! We’ll be crossing international as well as chronological borders, and you know what that means. Bring it along to every meeting!

Step 2: Get your Port of Entry Visa each month. They’ll be handed out at meetings and emailed to online Travelers. During the meeting, play the game and solve the puzzle to win Q points!

Step 3: Before you leave, make sure you get a Tour Guide for the coming month! It will take you on a self-guided tour of Quality landmarks. See interesting sites and win more Q points, too!

Okay, I’ll bite. What are “Q points” and why should I care about them, anyway?


Quality Technician at Warn Industries


The Quality Technician Facilitates quality verification of products and processing of non-conforming material.  Assists and provides guidance to cross functional team for First article inspection, Capability studies, Measurements R&R studies and SPC.  Documents and tracks progress of internal and internal non-conformance and quality reporting.


High school diploma or equivalent.
ASQ certification: CMI (Certified Mechanical Inspector).  CQT Certification preferred.
Three or more years of experience in a manufacturing environment and demonstrable knowledge and experience in SPC capability studies, Gage R&R, Long-term Gage studies, GD&T, and First Article.
Education and experience in basic statistical analysis is required. Use of Datametrics software desirable.
Knowledge in ISO administration preferred.
PC skills with knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Excel, Outlook) and MiniTab.
Ability to use measurement tools: micrometers, calipers, height gage, optical comparator, thread gage.
Ability to demonstrate the surface plate set-up to do a part layout inspection.
Ability to prioritize, schedule, and complete tasks/assignments with minimal supervision.
Ability to effectively problem-solve individually and leads efforts with others.
Ability to work collaboratively and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, customers and visitors.
Ability to sit, stand and walk for extended time periods.  May require continual lifting up to 35 pounds and occasionally require lifting up to 100 pounds with assistance.

APPLY ONLINE: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=15329221

DATE JOB POSTED: 06/28/2016

New Supplier Quality Certification available

ASQ recently launched its newest certification designed for supplier quality professionals who work with an organization’s supply chain and suppliers to continuously improve performance of key system components. The Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) exam, developed by member leaders and sponsored by the Customer-Supplier Division, will be first administered during the September/October computer-based testing exam window. Among other topics, the certification exam tests knowledge on supplier strategy; business governance, ethics, and compliance; relationship management; and supplier performance monitoring and improvement. We are now accepting applications for the first available exam window in September/October for the CSQP exam. The deadline is August 15. Go to ASQ.org to apply.

Portland Section Receives RD Gold Award!


Beth Rice, ASQ Portland Section Chair, on behalf of the Leadership Team, received the Regional Director Gold Award for 2015, which was presented by Regional Director Ed Landauer at our January 2016 dinner meeting.
This award is given for excellence in providing member value and quality opportunities, as well as implementing innovations and meeting the Section’s Business Plan and ASQ’s requirements for Section reporting.
Congratulations to the Portland Section Leadership Committee for achieving this award for the third year in a row!