Certification Exam Tips

Certification exams are fast approaching for those who are enrolled for the upcoming session.  They are giving the study materials one more go-around, or diving into the practice questions again.  In addition to really understanding the body of knowledge, tips we can share are these:

1.       Do the practice exams.  It really helps to familiarize yourself with the style of test questions.
2.       Organize your reference materials.  Select the few best and then devise an index to find a topic quickly during the exam.
3.       Get a good night’s sleep; given a  choice to review one more time or go to sleep, go to sleep.
4.       Arrive before 7:55am. You can still sit for the exam if you arrive late, but you’ve lost test time.
5.       Bring drinks and snacks that will not disturb others; the exams are long and dry.
6.       Leave your cell phone in the car; you may not have it with you during the exam.
7.       Answer all of the easy questions first, and then go back and puzzle over the hard ones, and answer every question (there’s no penalty for a wrong answer).